Wednesday, June 29, 2011


WEAVING has a strong tradition in Morocco. The desert nomads [Berbers and Tourags] were incredible weavers, well - still are. The Moroccan carpets are legendary. It is very much a family affair with the skills and traditions being passed down through the generations. We were treated to a carpet feast [along with the mandatory sweet mint tea], and a few of our group spent up big on lovely carpets to be sent across the seas.
Eliza fell in love with a rag rug that had been made for purely practical purposes for the family. They wanted rather a lot of dirhams for this wabisabi rug, so it is still there. After a while, the tradition of intense haggling and bargaining became too exhausting for us to cope with - we couldn't even look at an item without being hassled and chased down the street with 'what's your best price?'
Carpets loaded up at a local village market...
Inside the Berber 'show' tent...
...gotta love the patches...
This is an interesting take on weaving...
We visited a workshop for women run by Franciscan nuns in the mountains near Midelt. They were creating fine cross stitch embroideries for export.


  1. le tapis en patchwork me plait aussi!
    j'aimerai mettre mes mains dans le lot de petits bouts de tissu..
    j'apprécie ton reportage!

  2. What glorious rugs!! I reckon I'd've had to bring a tiny one home.

  3. Dear Noela ... more super pix from exotic places ... love the rugs ... how ever did you resist splashing out on the Visa card ...
    xxxx Ken