Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Riveting Workshop

Keith lo Bue teaches the most amazing workshops - he calls himself a 'stuff smith'. He creates found object wearable art works and much more - the latest being incredible mobiles. Do yourself a favour and check out his website.
I went to a 2 day workshop in Brisbane at the Studio West End [Adele and Wim] making rivets and connecting metal together. It was brilliantly inspirational, as are all of Keith's workshops.
My rivet making skills are on the improve and I look forward to getting the chance to create a new body of jewellery with these techniques.
...found aluminium cut out shapes, rusty iron, face back, glo mesh back, corrugated copper fragment, copper watch component,
...Chinese coin, silver plated wire,
 ...aluminium discs, speaker mesh, ceramic beads, copper nail rivets,
...recycled silver earrings, watch parts, silver plated wire,
...a tube through timber and plastic game pieces.

This is an amazing EARRING that I bought from of his gorgeous little mobiles that hangs from the ear. How cool is this?