Saturday, June 4, 2011

HOME AGAIN //Stairs in Morocco

Hi to all my lovely blog followers.

Yes, I am home after an amazing, hectic, tiring, adventurous, stimulating, fulfilling 6 weeks.
Thanks so much for following me while I was away - Ken says he is bored with the driftwood so here is the first of many travel photos.
I will gradually read all your comments and blogs and reply over the next days. Thanks so much to new followers - I see I have reached the 100+ mark so it I will celebrate with another give away as soon as my life is in order. I am still jet lagged and chaos reigns supreme in my house, but if course I am playing with my photos before I even unpack or do the washing.

Where to start??

Maybe with something small and attainable - some of my themed photos.
I have many themes, stairs being one as I was super aware of stairs everywhere I went. My ankle and both knees complaining with every step up and down. Our hotel rooms on the tour of Morocco were always up at least one flight of stairs [non building regulation approved], some with VERY uneven and irregular riser distances- AND, every 'facility' [toilet] during the day was in a restaurant up or down stairs.


  1. N- stairways to heaven?? Welcome back. Get over the jet lag really quickly - we have things for you to do. Go well. B

  2. fine photos, and so much craftsmanship in the stair making! i hope you're able to relax a bit while you reintegrate.

  3. Hope you had wonderful experiences and wonderful impressions. I love all of this stairs.

  4. Great themed shots. My knees like yoga stretches. ;o)

  5. I'm wondering if all your pre-holiday training prepared you for all these stairs.

  6. What a trial all those stairs must've been! Some of them look almost impossible, despite their beauty. Welcome back... the sunny coast has not been the same in your absence.

  7. Wonderful potos but scary stairs for wonky knees, and not too many handrails either. Welcome back seems like a stunning trip.

  8. beautiful stair photos!
    I love this and look forward to more:-)

  9. Dear Noela
    good to have you back home safe 'n' sound ...
    All that climbing - no wonder your ankles are swollen !!!!