Wednesday, April 29, 2015

update's been 6 months!! So sorry to those who like to follow my artistic happenings.
I am still alive and still producing art work, it's just that blogging means I have to go onto the computer instead of the ipad and i am still trying to link the blog to facebook.

I reworked the 'Sail Away' paintings for a recent exhibition titled 'Petroglyphs and other Symbols' at 'The Garden', Maleny. I have now called them 'Sailing into the Future' and they speak of the dreadful pollution of our oceans. These are small paintings, each has a small sailing vessel hidden amongst the flotsam and jetsam.

The other paintings in the show refer to symbols and petroglyphs of ancient civilisations.

 'Hidden Signs'

 'Pentre Ifan Burial Chamber, Wales'


'Moreiki Boulders, New Zealand'


'The Lost City'

'The Vinca Symbols'