Monday, October 17, 2011


I'm off to China tomorrow for 3 1/2 weeks - partly holiday, but with lots of connecting with artists, administrators and schools.  My artist friend, Christine Elcoate, and I are going to 4 cities -ahhhhh - only 4 beds - not like my Europe and Morocco trip earlier this year. There has been lots of preparation for the associated activities - collaborative kids' paintings, ceramic tiles, kindergarten projects, mini exhibitions, etc.
I think this trip will be a real eye opener for me.
I will obviously not be blogging for a few weeks, so I look forward to catching up with you all again in November.
More photos of doors and walls coming up...?

By the way, my daughter received her presents yesterday - she loved them all - she had 'the best birthday ever' - what more could you ask for?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Birthday present

My daughter in London turns 23 in this week, so time to make something nice for her, 'tho it will probably be a week late by the time it gets to her.
I have been enthralled with the recycling of old chains into new necklaces - seeing as the long dangly bits are in fashion at the moment, I am in my element.  Adding personal bits of crystals, bone beads, antique glass, all adds to the story. I even found a 9ct crocodile articulated charm that I have joined onto the chain :)
...this is a close up I have played with in photoshop - just a bit of fun and a break from the L brain computer stuff...
...packed in the box, ready to go...
I love that this piece can be worn in so many different ways - as Fiona says, lots of fun fiddling and playing to get the right look.
Nothing 'new' went into this piece, although I did go to the local opshop and buy $20 worth of old chains.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Miracles happen

I have not been blogging for a few weeks - busy with 'wabi sabi' and 'Bazola' jewellery, making a 'blurb' book, teaching Digital Design at Maleny Arts Retreat, local Art4place admin stuff, helping my neice who is 8 months pregnant with twins, and getting things in place for my upcoming trip to China - yes, I'm off again - a VERY unusual year.
A couple of days ago I came home after my morning of teaching and found a box by the back door. Miracles of miracles.
Nearly 4 years ago, I sent over $2000 worth of MY BEST wabi sabi jewellery to a gallery in Perth, Western Australia,  which subsequently disapperaed off the face of the earth. I tried for months to chase them up through other arts bodies in Perth, even the police, all to no avail.
Yes, the whole lot was in the box from the 'owner' of the mysterious gallery [which by the way had a brilliant looking web site]. All in good condition - just needing to be repacked in my new custom boxes. No word of explanation, receipt, invoice or 'how's your father' - but hey - I'm not arguing. - just one of life's little mysteries.
This is one of my favourite neckpieces of all time - not often I find a yummy piece of wire like this on the road!! - think I'll keep it.
...the stack of jewellery back from the disappearing gallery,
...and this is my stack of 'Wabi sabi' jewellery ready for 'Art on Cairncross'.
Some of the finished neck pieces made with the unwound stainless steel wire...
...and lastly a fun piece made with recycled 'silver' chains - there are lots of ways to wear this piece.