Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bazola pendants


Christmas aftermath and Bazola

We have had SO much rain in this neck of the woods - luckily where I live is in the hills and I am high up, so no flooding here, but I feel for all the people on river flats throughout the country. The snow in the Nth hemisphere has also left me grateful for living in a moderate climate with all the necessary amenities and conveniences still in working order.
Nevertheless it has been a bit of a dreary couple of weeks - family away camping on the beach in the rain for Christmas, daughter in Haslemere, UK, slipping and sliding on the ice, and I am feeling rather sad after my elderly Mum's death a few weeks ago. Friends have kept me motivated and feeling loved - several dinners, coffee catch ups, and a lovely Christmas dinner with a very dear friend and her family.
I also managed to get back into the 'Bazola' jewellery - so another batch is ready to go to the gallery.
I will do 2 posts - one on the earrings, the other on pendants. I am approaching 100 posts so I am cheating a bit to get there faster. Stay tuned for a give away!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Christmas to you all

I hope you all have a fun filled and especially loving day tomorrow, no matter what your beliefs and celebrations involve.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


We have a FABULOUS local bookshop, 'Rosettas', which has just expanded and moved into a refurbished, 'wabi sabi', cosy location in the centre of town. The owner, Ann, has kindly offerred to take some artist's books so Barry, Fiona and I have delivered some of our special pieces for display in a prime location just behind the front desk, and hopefully we may sell to the Christmas shoppers.
I made some lovely little Japanese style 'Ancient Records' cut and reassembled from old Japanese texts. I had fun making them - whimsical little things with a bit of a mysterious history - they are mostly made from Noh theatre scripts.  

Saturday, December 11, 2010


The Christmas show is up and running at the fabulous Main Street Gallery in Montville, situated underneath the Poet's Cafe in the centre of town. Thank you Mark for supporting us so enthusiastically. 'Small Gestures' paintings and Fiona's rusted metal books,
...some Bazola Jewellery,
and some of Barry's beaten metal bowls,
...some of my 'Forest' paintings, with Chris Pantano glass,
...Fiona's 'Dreamboats',
and Barry's light catchers.
There are lots of other great works in there as well. Check out the web site for more good stuff.