Saturday, June 11, 2011


Ah yes, where to start with the fabulous Moroccan doors - big, small, old, new, ornate, humble. They represent the mammoth extremes and contradictions for the country as a whole. My favourites were the humble, patched, dirty and dusty - truly wabi sabi, but let's leave those until last.
The first are the:
Hassan 11 Mosque in Casablanca - doors made of solid titanium - an opulant expense that horrified me.
Detail of door.
King's palace in ? Rabat?
Archway and entrance to the beautiful old blue/white washed medina [Kasbah des Oudaias], in Rabat.
The next photo was taken by my daughter Eliza. I am taking the liberty [with her permission] to include some of her photos as, disastrously, I seem to have lost 2 weeks worth of photos - a lot of Morocco, Portugal and Granada. Thank goodness she took some great photos.
I love the doors within doors.

Now the:
People really were much smaller centuries ago - thus doors were smaller and alleyways narrower. Many of the homes in the medinas [old cities] are over 1,000 years old, and history oozes out of every corner.

The last 2 photos are Eliza's. Aren't they fabulous? - taken in a rural village, not in the medinas.


  1. N-the doors are fabulous - in themselves and the photos by you and E; and the detail is great as well - thanks for sharing these - some will make it into your top 100. B

  2. Noela,
    These are fantastic holiday impressions. The large doors are reminiscent of "Arabian Nights" and the small to the "Biblical antiquity. All wonderful. Thank you, for sharing them with us.
    Greetings from Bavaria

  3. Great photoshots of doors Noela!
    I'm excited. Best, Ralf

  4. What is it with doors? They are so different everywhere you go. As always great photos, great memories. I LOVE the last door... wonder what's behind that?

  5. B- thanks, and yes, I probably have 100 doors let alone windows - walls, alleyways....
    Petras - yes, thanks for the 'Arabian nights' and Biblical connections - food for thought,
    Ralf -thanks Ralf, funny how old doors can be exciting, but I sure am with you on this one !!
    Jo - thanks again, think the last doorway was to an animal yard in a little village - I can smell the image from here!!
    xoxoxo to all

  6. Such wonderful doors. If only they could talk. Imagine the stories. Thank you for sharing your photos.

  7. quelle belle série de portes!