"WABI SABI" Jewellery

...made from non precious metals, materials and found objects,

in the tradition of ‘wabi sabi’, the Zen Buddhist philosophy

of finding beauty in imperfection and in the everyday.

‘My jewellery embodies respect for things which are old, recycled, rustic, and weathered. These ‘things’ have a history – a time, place and purpose of origin and a connection with previous owners and their needs. They ‘talk’ to me- whispering tales of mystery and intrigue. Using non precious metals and materials, and a strong and simple sense of design, I give my found objects a new lease on life. They become special, but not precious – to be worn and enjoyed for however long is appropriate – maybe only a day, maybe a year, or maybe a lifetime. Above all else, the re-presentation of an everyday object in a new and sometimes controversial setting, invites the wearer and the viewer alike to re-evaluate the meaning of object in relation to self, to others, and to the world in which we live’.

This year, I have been playing with some new ideas and gathering a body of work together so that I can approach some eminent galleries hoping for some representation.
 This neck piece is made from recycled stainless steel 'balcony railing' wire - a commission for Catherine.
I love heat treating EPNS metals to melt the overlay of silver - all sorts of fabulous textures are serendipitously created.

Combining metals, cords, perspex, found objects and using asymmetrical hanging wires/cords/beads opens up lots of possibilities.

 ...working with solder to create an organic 'patchwork' of metals.

 This series of jewellery pieces was made for an exhibition in Sano, Japan, titled 'Australia by Nature'. The work was based on the markings made by the 'scribbly gum' moth on our eucalyptus trees.
The metals are a combination of sterling silver, recycled EPNS silver, aluminium and found alloys.



 ..and yes, there were plenty of red dots!



Sawpierced aluminium, sublimation printing and hand forged rivets


sawpierced aluminium, sublimation printing and hand forged rivets


2014 and older

Neck pieces:
made from found wire, watch parts, driftwood, teabags, Japanese text papers.


Neckpieces featuring semi precious and non precious materials:
Earrings featuring semi precious and non precious materials: