This workshop is very popular because participants gain confidence working with basic tools and techniques to redesign their favourite piece of jewellery and to create new contemporary pieces.

 Students bring their old broken jewellery to pull apart and reconstruct.
I bring most of the required equipment and the tools to make this happen.

Skills and techniques include:
  1.   Use of jewellery making tools - vice, pliers, cutters, saw, files, emery paper and polishing materials,
  2. Making and using findings - jump rings, crimps, clasps, closures, pins, ear wires,
  3. How to use soft wire, 'tiger tail',  silver and steel wire... for construction and enhancement of designs,
  4. Design elements required for revitalizing and remaking old jewellery into individual and contemporary pieces.
Examples of upcycled jewellery pieces, created by 'restringing' selected bits from old necklaces:

Creating a feature piece combined with other elements.

Sentimental pieces with special elements:
A piece of coral and a pearl, an antique diamante belt buckle and crystals, a dog tag from a family pet,

a special pebble, an antique dress shirt button and a gold earring hoop,

A selection of favourite bits on a neck wire, antique gold chains and pearls, and old watch springs,

Even a brooch made with pencils and a neck piece made with a dyed teabag feature.




Creative Concepts for all art forms
This workshop explores computer design options using digital cameras and easy photo editing programmes. Learn how to manipulate your own photos by cropping, changing colour, distorting and more, to create bold new abstract designs suitable for use in your art and craft practice. Use your computer to solve design problems, to create images for photographic transfer, to enhance and stylize any photograph.

Create a painting, a garment panel, embroider over a photo transfer, print a series of pics onto small canvases or cards, or just do your own thing in your own way. Playing with computer designs will inspire, encourage and motivate you to try new things. Best of all, you will be so proud that you have at last found an application for your computer within your arts practice.

You will need to bring a laptop and you will need to download a free photo editing programme from the internet. Noela will help you with this prior to the workshop.
ATASDA workshop in Brisbane, 2011
Bag by Sue Ford.


Let your hair down and have fun playing with a variety of materials not usually associated with your art work. Learn how to make your own brushes then let your right brain soar as your brushes dance across the paper, creating interesting images that evolve on their own with minimal planning, maximum spontaneity and plenty of individual expression.

Learn how to colour tissue paper and teabags to create rich textures and add layers to your paintings.
Create finished abstract paintings by using cut out matts to locate and isolate special features and sections then use leftovers to create a bold patchwork/gridded design.

If time allows, learn how to make a simple artists book with woven corded binding to record your techniques and house your collection of special results.

'Oz Boppin', 2012, Noela Mills
Buderim workshop, 2012
Grids and books.



Have you ever wondered what to do with your gorgeous samples and scraps of fabric - too precious to throw away, but too small to use for anything else?
How about compiling them into a book format to keep them safe and to use them for future reference?
Using your workshop samples and special scraps, and all manner of textile techniques, including patchwork, pojagi, embellishing, embroidery, drawing, designing, felting and fusing, create easy and individual bound artist's books, with bindings of driftwood, woven threads, cords, beads and Japanese stab bindings. 

  I often have inquiries for workshops.
If you have a group of at least 8 people who would like tuition in  abstract, design based mixed media, I am happy to travel to you.
       You can email me for details .