Saturday, November 18, 2017

I joined our local artist's cooperative gallery a while back. It's called 'Peace of Green'  - a bit of a throwback to the early hippy days of our wonderful town. The gallery has been going for 25 years - it says a lot about the quality of the work and the commitment of the 20 members.
I now have the opportunity to launch into new jewellery pieces, knowing I have an outlet for sales.
I'm still using recycled materials - mainly repurposed silver plated alloys and EPNS, creating 'patchworks' of metal for pendants, earrings and more recently bracelets, cuffs and rings.
It's SO much fun!!!
...pendants with 'pock marks', holes stamped from the back
 ...bracelets made from handles of trays & bowls

 ...cuffs from wide sections of trays
 ..and some gorgeous rings that are definitely 'wabisabi'.