Monday, August 30, 2010

'Rust to Dust'

Aggh - I am under pressure to complete a workshop proposal by next Saturday, and have no time for blogging. I am in withdrawal, so this is a short, quick post just to let my followers know I am still alive.
This is a recently completed painting I titled 'Rust to Dust' - a bit of reference to the rust glued to the canvas and to the harsh outback landscape in Australia.
It was part of my 'open studio' display on the weekend [more on that later]. I swapped it for some graphic design work from a young friend who is a professional graphic designer - more on that later as well.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A day of PHOTOshopping

 Yes, photo shopping is fun, whereas ordinary shopping is such a bore. I find it hard to get out of the house to buy groceries, let alone shop for clothes or consumerist 'stuff' ......ugh....
I had a fun couple of hours with my sister yesterday taking photos for 'piccy comp' - a facebook group thing with this month's theme 'parks and gardens'. We went to the local river/park, where there are lots of waterfalls big and small and plenty of 'chocolate box' scenery.
These are some of my original pics - no photoshopping.
  Every day I feel blessed to be living in such a beautiful place.
...and a pretty photoshopped azaelea from my garden to finish off.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Painting again

It has been a busy week - mostly full of designing work for one of our community arts organisations, but amongst it all I managed to do 3 small paintings which I quite like.
'The Mists Rolling In 1 & 2'.
...and 'Billabong'.
I also managed to finish 2 more scarves for a new gallery in Marcoola, near Mt Coolum, called 'Studio 4 Gallery'.
They have an exhibition of lovely paintings by Heather Gall, and they have these 3 paintings, some scarves and jewellery of mine.
The design work involved coming up with a new name [art4place], a logo, a DL card, an A3 and an A2 poster for our community 'placemaking' arts organisation.
I hope to play with some more painting ideas this week as next weekend I have an 'open studio.
Never a dull moment!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

More post cards

...inside 8,
front & back,
inside 9,
front & back,
inside 10,
front & back,
inside 11,

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Broken window

My dear elderly neighbour called me over to show me his car. It had been in a bit of an accident and a square steel rod had gone through the rear side window. I sympathised and was told the full story but I couldn't help myself - the pattern of shapes, shadows, colours and textures was beautiful. He knows me well enough to forgive my insensity in taking a photograph. Just as well!!
I played around with the photo and came up with these images.


Now, if only I can transfer the image onto canvas with acrylic paint....