Friday, September 16, 2011

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Wabi Sabi Jewellery

Not sure if I am coming or going at the moment - so many little projects to finish. Time to prioritise - I need to make a body of new work for Art on Cairncross - 'wabi sabi jewellery'. I am really loving getting back into this work - allows me to use my individual sense of design and to play around with all sorts of unusual materials. This is what I have come up with so far:
...the stainless steel wire ones are bunched up on the left.
These are my favourites:
...silver bits at the top, and twisty stainless steel fanned out, old favourite design - love this - I will make some more of these, new design with crystals from an old chandelier [courtesy of Christine, her mum, via Barry]

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New work

What is this you may ask?
I am thrilled with this little curly scribble of stainless steel wire. It is the start of my new range of 'wabisabi jewellery' -time to get a body of work together for my local gallery 'Art on Caircross' in time for the Christmas rush [ positive thinking].
I have heaps of s.s. wire offcuts [10 - 15cm] from when I had my deck rails upgraded a few weeks ago. Not being one to throw anything out, I kept these shiny linear treasures, and have unwound the wire, and curled the ends to create a fabulous feature for jewellery.
A neck piece and earrings are just awaiting the findings to finish them off.
I have been 'working' on a commission for a few months now - a client wanted me to make a piece of jewellery from two old Chinese brass medallion segments - one a pendant, one part of a bracelet. They have sentimental value for her.
I have been really struggling - the arched pendant piece obviously needed to go on top, but the visual weight was wrong. Everything I tried was too 'kitch' for my liking, and if I went 'way over the top' with the design, the client may not have liked it. I settled for this compromise - still too conservative for my tastes, but hopefully it will fit the bill,
... and remember the commissioned red teabag tissue earrings I did many months ago?  - I thought they were too OTT so I did 2 more pairs, a little less 'out there,' - well the client liked the OTT ones - here they are again.

...and if you are hanging out to see more of Morocco, I am posting heaps of pics on my facebook page, for public viewing. Make a coffee before you go to the albums!!