Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Exhibition open and 2 give aways!!

The opening of our 'Culture 2 Culture' exhibition last Friday night was a HUGE success.
It was raining after weeks of dry weather but that didn't stop the crowds.
Such a brilliant network of people from the Sunshine Coast art communities.
We had a good sprinkling of sales and lots of people are coming back for a second look.
Robyn Gill [ceramics], Christine Elcoate [garments], and me, in front of Li Jun's paintings - at the opening.
Front room 'Rosebed St Gallery', showing some of the collaborative tiles and Pam Walpole's painting in the background.
Room 2 with my paintings and work by Kevin Grealy, Mieke van Sambeeck and Merv Jefferson.
Ken Munsie's sculpture, Pam's painting and Rooms 2 and 3 off to the left. 
Kids' works on the wall, Mieke's quirky pots in the display case.
Wyn Vogel's paintings and Kim Schoenberger's delicate ceramic sculptures.
Wyn Vogel's paintings and Kim Schoenberger's  delicate ceramic sculptures.

If you have a google account, you can go to this link to see more of the exhibition.!/media/set/?set=a.468268143188631.126669.100000163496292&type=1

If you have been following this blog, you will know that this is my 200th post - hooray!!!!!
I must admit that I have slowed down a bit of late - I have a feeling that facebook [I have a love/hate relationship with FB] is going to be more advantageous when it comes to promotion.
I found that by 'advertising' the exhibition on both my blog and FB, I had heaps more feedback from FB, and lots more cross connections.
I still love the blogging network where I can post all sorts of random 'Arty' stuff. Can't imagine my FB 'friends' liking my photos of rust and teadyed fabrics - hahahahah.

Anyway, to celebrate the opening of the exhibition, AND my 200th post, I have TWO giveaways - yes, you guessed it, a couple of my little books.
Please leave a comment relating to your feelings about blogging versus FB. Would love to know how my like minded friends feel about this issue....and of course, do you like the black and white book, or the red book?
I will draw the winner next Wednesday evening - 6pm - gives you a week to check and post.
Good luck!!!
...and thanks one and all for your support and wonderful comments over the past 200 posts XXXX

Sunday, May 20, 2012


This is the last and biggest painting of Guilin - nearly a metre wide.
This is how it started,
painted with THE BRUSH I bought at Jingdezhen.
So, what's all this fuss about Guilin???
Here are a few pics of the area and the Li river in S Central China.
How could I not be overwhelmed and inspired?

The next post will be my 200th and I'll have a little give away.
The post will be about the long awaited opening of the 'Culture 2 Culture' exhibition. All looking good - Hanging and setting up on Tuesday and Wednesday, opening on Friday - woohoo.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

More Guilin Paintings

It has taken me a while to get into these paintings, but I have really enjoyed the process.
It is SO good to be back in the studio!!!!!!!
- and the positive feedback from my blogger community has really helped - THANK YOU EVERYONE.
... so here are the other 6 paintings ready to be framed, still inspired by the magnificent mountains of the Guilin region in China...
Tomorrow I collect see some of the finished, framed pieces ....woohoo can't wait!!.....
Next Saturday is delivery day to the gallery - I know it will be a great show and I am feeling very proud of all the effort Christine and I have put into this project.

Hope to see you there.

[this is post no 198 - only 2 more to go]

Friday, May 11, 2012

Off to the Framers

Yes, at last some new paintings with collage - ready to be framed for our 'Culture 2 Culture' exhibition. I want to have 10 of these for the show. The image size is about A4. They are based on the magical karst mountains of Guilin and the Li river.

And yes, I resolved the drawing of the lily.

I am nearly up to my 200th post, so look out for a give away soon :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

'Culture 2 Culture' exhibition

At last the past six months of work is coming to fruition.
My artist friend Christine Elcoate and I went to China in October 2011 and connected with many artists, thanks to our Sister City friendships and local government support.
We organised 4 fabulous workshops in March with Chinese artist Li Jun, here on the Sunshine Coast, and now we have a collaborative exhibition at Rosebed St Gallery, Eudlo, with 12 artists [Li Jun and 11 locals], and school children's works from 2 Chinese schools and 3 Sunshine Coast schools.
The centrepoint of the exhibition will be 300+ domino sized ceramic tiles - made in Australia, some glazed here by local artists, others glazed in China and brought back for the exhibition.
Maya, Noela, Annie and Christine looking at ways to display the work in the gallery.
Here's a sneak preview of some of the wonderful works to be exhibited:
...watercolour detail by Li Jun,
..."The Burn" detail, by Pam Walpole [one of my favourite artists of all time],
..."Never Green", detail by Merv Jefferson,
...Southern Ice Porcelain Beaker by Kim Schoenberger,
...lidded vessel by Mieke van Sambeek,
...detail of jacket by Christine Elcoate, standing sculpture by Ken Munsie,
...carved porcelain light by Robyn Gill,
...calligraphy by Fiona Dempster,
...'Bus Stop Mountain' detail by Wyn Vogel.
...little book detail by Noela Mills.

My sincere thanks to all the artists, the gallery owners, our new Chinese friends and all the tile makers, especially Kevin Grealy, who made and fired many of the 300 tiles. Your trust and faith is us and the project has been wonderful.
It will be a fabulous representation of how the Chinese cultural traditions have inspired and influenced us all in so many different ways.

Please join us for the opening, Friday 25th May, 7pm, at the Rosebed Gallery, Eudlo.