Friday, July 27, 2012

A Letter A Week, 'Dotty' alphabet

I have started my second alphabet for 2012. For more information on this fabulous international blogger network project, go to 'A Letter a Week' for the details.
These are my first 4 letters, created from paper immersed and allowed to dry in a rusty oven tray filled with green tea - great results.
...and my favourite piece of paper - yes, just green tea and rust on a cheap water colour paper.
This process also creates wonderful results on silk -
...which led me to creating some patchwork 'Pojagi' [Korean] for an exhibition in Seoul.
...more on that soon.

Monday, July 16, 2012


Whew!! Why do we work to deadlines - so stressful...Maybe it's because we [well - I- ] need them to get motivated.
I entered the Queensland Flying Arts exhibition for 2012 [no guarantee of acceptance] and was 3 days late with my photos. They kindly gave me the weekend to get my act together - trouble was, I had another 3 pieces for an exhibition in Korea to finish and photograph and physically send as well.
Firstly, the painting for Flying Arts [the rest will come in the next blog].
It's called 'Balancing Rock, Girraween NP'
125cm x 90cm
I had a lovely family camping holiday in this area on the Granite Belt, SE Queensland, about 15 years ago. The rock formations are magnificent. These are what inspired me -
I have a fascination for monolithic rocks and explored some wonderful ancient Prehistoric sites when I was in Europe last year. Hope to use some of my pics for inspiration 'one day' - here I go with the procrastination again.
I'll pop in a couple of special rock photos from my travels.....[unlike the Girraween rock formations, these were man made]...
NE Portugal.
near Land's End, UK,
of course, the amazing Stonehenge.

Monday, July 9, 2012

'Flying South'

Well....not me, actually, just 3 new art works for the 30 x 30 [cm] exhibition at the Brunswick St Gallery in Melbourne - opening Friday 13th at 6pm if you're in the area.
I started with a delicious unresolved messy bit of white watercolour paper, went to town with my inks, rust paint and dyes, letting my brushes take a dance across the paper - no particular style or theme - just lovely mark making.
I chose 3 areas that seemed to work OK then cut them out and added a few details to suggest the theme that was evolving - boats.
...'Dry Dock'
'Low Tide'
...and some other favourite snippets that may or may not made it to a final image.