'Book of Nudes'
180 x 120 x 1400mm
mixed media on recycled book pages on rag paper

'Fabric Book of Nudes'
120 x 180 x 40mm
fabric based mixed media and found objects
teadye, shellac, paints and inks
...go to here for a page by page slide show of the book.

'Teabag' book
80 x 60 x 10mm
teabags, matt board, linen thread

'Crimson Rosella' concertina book
100 x 70 x 1000mm
watercolour paints on rag paper

'Bunya Mountains' box of books
140 x 160 x 40mm
mixed media & found objects
Simple 3 cut & fold book
60 x 35 x 20mm folded
mixed media on rag paper

'A Letter A Week' book 2, 2010
mixed media on teabag, tissue and card

 Fabrics books
...made in Dorothy Caldwell's class, Fibre Forum, 2010
Sample Book
130 x 80mm diam [rolled]
hand stitching, batik, discharge dyeing, burning
Waxed book
100 x 100mm
recycled kimono silks, waxed and stitched
...stack of fabric books with driftwood spines
...jeans pockets and tabs,
...white canvas with added details,
...kimono scraps,
...photographic prints onto calico,
...rust dyed and shellaced satin book.