Sunday, June 6, 2010


This is the latest splodged fabric for one of my installations at Lucas Parklands. I really love this piece. The plan is to wrap a rock, Christo fashion on a mini scale!! 
I have just read a post by Delwyn about WABIBITO - people who are followers of the wabi sabi way of life. Thanks Delwyn, it's rather fun to have a quirky sounding definition of what I believe in. I was sitting in front of the telly tonight emptying pyramid teabags and was totally content. Someone on the TV was trying to entice me to a bigger house, a grander pot of superannuation [I have none], a swimming pool in the back yard, ra, ra, ra, and at that moment I didn't want to have one more skerrik of anything. I was very happy sitting cross legged on my uncomfortable couch emptying teabags. I am blessed.


  1. Fun! I keep putting those tea bags in the compost - knowing I might actually need them....Maybe I can go dig a few up!
    I want less to support consumerism, and more to have experiences that enrich my life. I want less of things to take care of, and more of connections with people of like mindedness. I want to experience more creative endeavors and enjoy the creative efforts of others. And, truth be told, I want a self cleaning house!

  2. Lovely comments Leslie ....ditto to all

  3. I have just spied this post Noela and love those 'C' words Leslie used...It is all about connection and creativity and caring and needing less...

    I wonder how you use the tea bags now...I am going back to today's post to see if I can identify them...

    Happy days