Friday, June 11, 2010

Gumleaf Garland

Today I 'installed' my gumleaf garland, adding leaves to it until the last minute to make it long enough to drape nicely over the tree. How many leaves? No idea - I'm NOT about to start counting.
It was strangely difficult to photograph, but here goes.
I also managed to get better photos of  'Back to the Source' - the 20 metre long painted strip of fabric - again, difficult to photograph.


  1. Hi Noella

    what interesting creations, they blend with the environment so well that I think when you take their photos they disappear...

    What will you do with your gum leaf garland after the exhibit? Does it have a scent still?

    happy days

  2. Your garland blends and fits so well with the glorious tree-- and the very long fabric-- wow- it is lovely-- sheer poetry in nature.

  3. Thank you Delwyn and Dawn,

    Yes, the garland still smells of gum leaves and now I will find a suitable place in my garden for it to live out its life - returning gradually to compost but instilled with the memory of creative endeavours and interesting visitor's comments [eg 'Oh, did she spray it with some sort of laquer?']