Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lucas Parklands Sculpture exhibition

I don't class myself as a sculptor by any means, but I have joined in with local friends and colleagues who are exhibiting on June 12th and 13th as part of the Arts and Garden Festival in Maleny and Montville. Arts Connect Inc [a Montville based but rapidly expanding arts organisation] is organising the art side of things. I am making some 'ephemeral' and fibre based pieces for the weekend. My fabrics will be a stark contrast to the natural bush surrounding but I hope they will make a statement and get the audience thinking about 'art' and its various contexts. The piece above, 'Sail Away', was a 'trial run' a couple of weeks ago and will be dedicated to Delwyn's dad.
I am about to splash black paint along this length of fabric - about 20+ meters, draped along my deck into my studio. It was originally a lovely heavy linen hospital sheet which I dyed and stained and marked will various 'stuff'. I hope to drape it down a tree, over a rocky outcrop and maybe into a dam at the Lucas parklands. We'll see!!
How inspirational are the folds of this jersy fabric? I am toying with ideas such as "A FUN GUY" [ a fungus] and "RED MOSS" and attaching bunched fabrics to rotting logs.
The "'GUMLAND GARLAND" is coming along well, but I want it to be twice this length - hoping for a windy day to blow the leaves off my tree.
This is how I want my Gumland garland to look in the forest [this is a photoshopped pic].
Our big set up day is Monday 7th, so it will all need to fall into place in less than a week. My friends Fiona Dempster, Barry Smith, and Kim Schoenberger are all involved and have brilliant works. Keep an eye on their blog sites - they are great bloggers.

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