Thursday, June 3, 2010

20 metres of fabric


Yesterday I joined my dyed sheet bits together, then late in the day I painted and splodged with a house paint brush on a long stick- the fun part.
NOTE TO SELF - rememer it gets dark and cold and sometimes rains at the end of the day!!
So here I was in the dark, trying to lift the wet painted 20m strip of fabric off the newspaper so that it didn't dry and stick to the paper. I draped it over various stools and things but then couldn't shut the studio door overnight. Hmmmm - I HAVE had rats in there on a previous occasion when I forgot to close the door.
Next morning - no rats, dryish paint and some exciting sections of painted wabi sabi fabric strips.


  1. Oh wow- looking truly FABULOUS!! So many gorgeous bits to work with. And I love the note to self - so like me! Glad the rats avoided it, have fun with the next stages

  2. N What an excellent piece of work - great that you kept it simple and dramatic. Looking forward to sweeing it installed. B

  3. Thanks Leslie - installation pics will be up in a couple of days

  4. excellent... j'avais déjà fait ce genre de chose sur du papier aquarelle... mais sur ce tissu... trop trop bien... BRAVO
    bonne continuation anne-frederique ferret

  5. I'm so thrilled to find your beautiful work and blog through Leslie's post. There are many things here that make my heart race. Your hand painted fabric is wonderful!