Sunday, June 20, 2010

'SAILS' aftermath

It has been a week since our hectic 'Lucas Parklands Sculpture on the Edge' exhibition. I am still recovering.
It was a huge success with about 1,000 visitors through the gardens, good sales and heaps of positive comments. We have been invited to exhibit in another local garden later in the year. Our arts organistion, 'Arts Connect' is flat out with grand plans and ideas for the future. Very exciting. I love my local arts community.
My 'Sail Away' installation did just that - one of the 3 sails moved around the dam a little bit as it was fixed to a floating log which obviously drifted around, so the corner became very dirty.
I tried to wash the dirt out and left the corner in strong bleach overnight - and guess what - the bleach has destroyed the fabric! Hmmmmmmm
Interesting effect but probably not usable in a practical sense.
Here are some of my favourite pieces from the exhibition:
'Renewal' by Fiona Dempster,
'Returning' by Fiona Dempster,
'Forest Letters' by Ken Munsie,
'Sounds of the Bell' by Kim Schoenberger,
'Windows to the Soul' by Kim Schoenberger,
'Droplets' by Barry Smith,
...and to finish off, a cheeky 'peek a boo' 'Sails in the Forest' from me.


  1. Fun to see these works. With your sail, it was like collaborative art - with Mother Nature.

  2. I love garden and outdoor landscape art-- so in tune with nature-- so balanced.

  3. love the cheeky peep a boo Noela! :-p

  4. This whole exhibit is incredible... I love all the works and how they all fit so beautifully with eachother and in nature. Thanks for sharing... roxanne

  5. My goodness, I feel so fortunate to have found your work. The 'ecoworks' are very impressive.

  6. It's a joy to see the evolution of your work and philosophy since you moved from Victoria to Queensland:- Helen McIntyre The Garden in the Forest, Stanley, Vic.