Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Spanner in the Works

I won't be walking for a while,
 this week will be 'a physio a day' instead of 'a walk a day',
I fell over yesterday on an uneven surface and badly sprained my ankle.
I managed to capture this image before my fall.
This is for you, Eric - isn't this the most beautiful colour? It is a patch of spray paint on the bitumen footpath near the local showgrounds.

I leave for the UK on 19th April, so hope my ankle is better by then.


  1. I hope your ankle is better then too!

  2. Thank you for this sparkling blue. And what e nice place to use this colour.
    All the best with your ankle.

  3. Oh me oh my N - you poor thing! Don't you dare let this make you think that exercise is bad or dangerous!! I'm sure you'll be MUCH better if you do as Mary or Tim or...the other physios say - take caree and get KM to do the groceries and stuff for you! Sorry we're not there; hope you are truly OK. FaB

  4. Thanks Leslie, Eric and Fiona - my support network were at the movies, in Darwin and at the Gold Coast!!! but I am on the mend - not using the walking stick any more. Had a lovely day sitting and doing artwork :) xoxoxo

  5. Oh Noela... you must be more careful. Do what you're told and get better fast! PS: Love the blue.

  6. Best wishes! Hope April 19 you feel top shape and ready for your trip!

  7. Hi Jo and Anna, thanks for the kind support - I am on the mend already xoxoxo