Saturday, April 2, 2011

Coffee with the locals

Today's walk - a no brainer.
B&F are going away to Darwin and beyond for a month of 'work work' and I am leaving in 2 weeks for a 6 week OS trip [hence the walking] so we 4 musketeers [Ken Munsie being the other musketeer] had a last coffee together.
Nice walk - [10 mins to the coffee shop],
..not a lot of photographic inspiration to be found along this stretch,
here we are - Ken, Fiona, me and Barry - just finished our coffee at one of the 8 fabulous coffee shops in town.
One of the other coffee shops has a resident colony of water dragons - what a treat - some times up to 5 of 6 will be basking in the sun or whizzing aroung your feet as you have coffee.
This fella is fairly big and not at all scared.
Another creature is getting special attention at the moment here in South East Queensland - the 'diving beetle' - plague proportions after the very wet summer - they have a curious smell and kamakasi themselves on the windows at night - yuk.
I walked the long way home through the boardwalk rainforest [20mins], but the camera battery went dead, so no more piccies.
Oh well, tomorrow's another day.


  1. Nice heading on the blog - yum! Also great photo to remind ourselves what we look like and great water dragons - and a good walk too!

  2. j'aime venir sur ce blog.. aussi pour voir ces jolis bêtes.. mais il n'y a pas de café sur la table!

  3. Water Dragons for company at tea time .... what more could you ask for :-) They are rather beautiful aren't they?!

  4. Hi Elfi, yes, we had finished our coffee,and Robyn yes, the water dragons are worthy of a series of something - me thinks :)

  5. Maleny will be the poorer for losing you all for a while. Shame Ken has to hold the fort. Love water dragons and hope you find room for them in your work somewhere. Have fun.

  6. Those water dragons are so alien to us in the uk... good to see you all!