Sunday, April 3, 2011

Horizontals and Verticals

Sunday - need to visit a friend in Nambour hospital.
I know, I'll park at the bottom of the hill and walk up - STEEP HILL.
Come on legs, you can do it - getting ready for the medinas of Marrakesh and Casablanca - but oh, it is a VERY steep hill.
Come on, look at the scenery, find a theme for photos.
Ah - some interesting interplays of horizontals and verticals - OK... snap... snap...
linear elements in timber....
...and in the painted industrial architecture.

Hmmmm, not bad - only 1.4km return, but a good 15 mins each way and 6 decent photos. Thanks legs.

Now let me tell you a tale of TERRIBLE DRIVING.
On the way home, driving along our narrow mountainous roads, I was stuck behind a VERY BAD driver. I think this was the worst ever driver I have been stuck behind in my 40 years of driving - shouldn't have had a licence - from 30km to 60km in an 80km zone; weaving all over the road, often over double lines; inappropriate braking; just awful.
I was sure it was a little old man wearing a hat.
After about 10 frustrating and dangerous kilometers, the car pulled over [to let me pass?].
Oh no, not to let me pass - as I drove past and glared at the driver, I was SHOCKED to see a young woman, texting on her phone!!!!!!!


  1. Noela, you make my day, actually you make me laugh which is the same thing. Have a great time walking in Marrakesh and Casablanca, and I look forward to more fab photos.

  2. It's a worry Noela, but an amusing yarn nonetheless. How great to be looking forward to Casablanca etc. If you find the walk to Nambour hospital photogenic then there'll be masterpieces come from your trip o/s. Love the photos. See ya.

  3. I'm smiling because this is exactly what we were doing, finding hills to walk up, in training for walking at the Wild Coast. I would love to be walking in Marrekesh!!

    Infuriating to be anywhere near an irresponsible driver. So many road accidents are caused by cell phones .... or some of the idiots who use them.

  4. Hi Liz and Robyn, glad I made you smile - yes, Jo - need to look hard for inspiration on that walk xoxoxo