Monday, April 4, 2011

Deadlines and Token Gestures

2 Deadlines Today...
achieved one,
the other was nearly ready [a book for an exhibition in Victoria, Australia],
...drat - they have taken the application form off the website - how rude - it wasn't due in till 4pm tomorrow - could have sent it express post!!!!!!
This is the second time in a week this has happened,
...the universe is trying to tell me something
 ...I'm not listening.
This is the book - nudes again... my walk today was a 'Token Gesture' - 10 minutes around the corner to a meeting,
...managed to photograph some pretty flowers along the way.


  1. j'aime tout..vous êtes une magnifique artiste!

  2. The book looks beautiful. Someday I would also like to make even such a book.

  3. You certainly have a full schedule Noela. The book is lovely... what exhibition? Can I see it on the net? Keep on walking, your photos are a highlight of my day.

  4. Hi N - as discussed over coffee too many deadlines can be challenging - good you got the book done - it will find s home. Keep up the photographic walking. B

  5. the book looks very fine. i like what you wrote: nudes again.