Friday, April 8, 2011


[Jacaranda Drawing Award] - Annual Grafton Regional Gallery award, now showing at the University of the Sunshine Coast Gallery.
Christine and I went to check out the show today. I really enjoyed it - I love drawing - love linear elements in all things.
Sorry, but I accidently left the catalogue with a  friend - yes, Ken, it's on your kitchen bench- so I can't post the names of the artists. I will fill them in when I get a chance. These are a few of my favourites:
...this one is by Miles Hall - a local/Brisbane artist...
charcoal and acrylic paint, this one, lots of 'painting' in it, I think it represented the tsunami chaos, - sad but beautiful,
...strong, dynamic, charcoal,
...exquisite - charcoal again, 
...and this is by Kevin Oxley - a VERY talented local artist...
Don't you just love the fact that we are now allowed to take piccies in galleries? 
It was very interesting that the 'drawing' exhibition allowed for such a cross section of media - there really was a lot of what I would call 'painting' involved - must look up the exhibition criteria
 - where do you draw the line [excuse the pun]-
and yes,
I did go for a brisk half hour walk [without the camera],
I thought I had enough piccies to post for one day.
More of the exhibition tomorrow.


  1. Hi Noela. I plan to see the show next week and, after seeing your pics, wouldn't miss it for quids.

  2. Hi Noela, Wow this looks amazing work.