Saturday, March 27, 2010

So who's the LUCKY GIRL? #1

So who's the lucky girl? Me!!! I feel so blessed at the moment. My stars indicated that after 'The Ides of March' [March 15th] things would start improving for me in relation to my creativity and life in general. As my special friends are very dear to me, I am putting their lovely gifts at the top of my LUCKY GIRL list. Photographic gifts and special finds are always a delight.
These are my gifts from my lovely artist friends, Sandra and Richard Rofe, who live on Bruny Is, Tasmania.
...ceramic 'Pillow Nest' by Sandra,
...'Tectonic Vessel' by Richard, of an elephant seal washed up on the beach in front of their home,
...worm patterns in the sand [see my blog Feb. 21st 'Rain, Rats and a Mouse'],
...and pics of beautiful Bruny Island.
My friend Jan Martin sent me some amazing images of Jennifer Maestri's work
...and Jan will be my hostess when I go to Melbourne next week [more on that to come].
My lovely Paper Ponderings friend Fiona Dempster brought gifts back from Canberra,
...a public service issue recycled 'wood' pencil - it works well,
...and a classy set of Picasso fridge magnets.
My friend Barry Smith delighted me with a special gift - found in the drag racing precinct of Hervery Bay -
...very appropriate as I am hoping to go to China later in the year.
In light of the tin can episodes over the past week or two, I have decided to start a collection of wabi sabi tin cans.
I have had this one for about 15 years, just waiting for the right moment to surface. Now is the time!!

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