Sunday, March 28, 2010


I had a phone call last week from a fellow artist I'd had business dealings with many years ago. He invited me to be part of an exciting new gallery - Macchia Gallery in Noosaville, owned and run by architect Frank Macchia - 55 Mary St Noosaville. The gallery is the essence of 'wabi sabi'. It has a wonderful Zen feeling with ancient Japanese and Chinese screens, doors and furniture; and the quintincential mondo and water feature courtyard gardens. It is a beatutiful and serene venue. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect space for my work. I have paintings, jewellery and scarves in the gallery. It should be up and running by Easter, the web site will be put together soon after.
...the feature gallery room with sculptures by Frank Macchia and Chinese 'Ding' vessels by Mark O'Neill.
Here is a selection of the work I am exhibiting... 
'Forest Views'.....
...and scarves.

I am so grateful for this opportunity. The universe is looking after me.


  1. The pictures I like very well. Beautiful loose and imperfect. Genuine wabisabi. Nice greetings from Germany. Ralf

    ...and much success for the exhibition

  2. Thanks Ralf, I'm happy that you like my wabi sabi works.