Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Letter 'h', Piccy Comp and Collage Exchange

My latest ALaW letter is a nice little chubby lower case 'h', created by 'cloning' the paint on the box into the required shape.
I am also part of a facebook monthly photo 'competition'. This month's theme is 'abstract' - right up my alley.
I entered my lovely photo of the squashed tin can, plus these two -
...a lovely soggy phone book which has been out in the rain for months,

...plus a cross section of a slice of tree fern which has lost all its 'innards'. Interesting!!!
Oh yes, and my collages arrived safely in NZ at the home of Dale Copeland, and a big THANK YOU to my lovely new friends from countries far and wide who have complimented me on my drawings/collages. I have found some brilliant artists through this blogging network. More on that when I have time.

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