Thursday, March 18, 2010

Collage Exhibition and Exchange

Through my new blogging network, I have found a 'Collage Exhibition and Exchange' run by Dale Copeland in NZ. This is the 12th year for the exchange!! The idea is to produce 13 X A4 sized collages, send them to Dale where she will exhibit one and swap the others around between all participants. I love the idea... a way to own other artists' work [from all over the world] by swapping.
Once again, I have used my life drawings. I love having a way to 'exhibit' and share the best of my life drawings.
Here are a few of the collages I sent to NZ.


  1. Hi Noela

    These are just great and I think whoever receives them will be very lucky. Looking forward to seeing the collection you get in return...


  2. Good for you---I also sent collages to the collage exchange in New Zealand- I hope I get one of yours-- they are wonderful.

  3. Noela !
    Your art is so beutiful and exiting !
    I`m so happy to have discovered you here !
    best from Liv

  4. I have collaged a few of my life paintings before but you have inspired me to do more. I really like these. I must try some of your techniques to make collage papers.