Monday, March 1, 2010

Left Brain Stuff

I have spent the last week researching and writing. My friend Christine and I are hoping to go to China later in the year to set up an artist exchange programme between artists in our local region and Chinese artists. I need to find the regions, the artists, the logistics of travel and accommodation, and the money. I am applying to a couple of Government agencies for financial support and I have written heaps of emails for logistical support. Google Earth is a fabulous tool for visual people- this is where I found the 798 Art Zone in Beijing and the Yuzi Sculpture Park in Guilin which are both HUGE artist communities. We also hope to visit the 'village' near Xiamen which houses over 1000 'workshops' producing rip off paintings for sale to the West. I am imagining a sort of Kuta beach style set up with 'artists' sitting in front of a big canvas, brush in one hand, scrunched up photo of a masterpiece in the other. Maybe I'm entirely wrong - maybe they sit at a conveyor belt in a factory. Either way, it will be an experience to see. Anyone been there or have contacts with artists in China???
This is by Christine's favourite artist - Chen Qing Qing,

and this is by one of my favourites, Qin Feng.

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