Sunday, June 3, 2012

2 Give aways - Double Celebration

I have reached 201 posts now!!
To celebrate the milestone, and the culmintion of 6 months work with 'Culture 2 Culture', I am giving away 2 of my little books.
Just write a short comment on how you feel about facebook versus blogging, and tell me which book you fancy. If you have already commented, feel free to comment again - 2 chances to win.
I will draw the winners at 6pm, EST next Wednesday.
Thanks to everyone for fabulous feedback and support over the past 200 posts.



  1. double congrats

    facebook V/S blogging I think sets up an idea that the two are locked in some sort of mortal battle! - I don't feel this way - I use both for different purposes..... when I blog its something more considered - and where I don't necessarily expect direct interaction. I'm more careful to ensure that what I post has merit/accuracy/interest..... whereas in fb I connect with many mates from far far away..... now when I'm talking fb here I mean on my personal profile.... I also have a fb page for both my bookworks studio > and an artists page > (and I admin fb pages for non-profit groups too....)

    On my fb pages I augment things to and from my blogs.... a fb page for my 'business' type things means that I can connect with folk that I wouldn't necessarily 'friend' (I'm actually v. careful about that with fb) - this is a way of doing things that works for me....

  2. Hmmmm..lots of food for thought here Ronnie, thank you- it must take up HEAPS of time. I find that I need half a day to post a decent blog - by the time I edit my piccies, triple check my content, link to the other artists etc, and I'm a 2 finger typist. I think I will keep FB mainly for family and the occasional interesting business event, but will keep blogging for stimulation and art friendships- don't think I can keep up with both professionally.

  3. Hi Noela, congratulations with your 200 posts and your exhibition!
    I prefer blogging over fb. For me blogging gives me the opportunity to create a more personal way of showing my work. I really like all the social media but you need enough time to regularly update them.So, my fb account mostly sleeps.(And I am too a 2 finger typist...)

  4. I think blogging is where the conversations happen. I take the time to read an artists thoughts which I certainly appreciate. Blogging seems more personal.

    One facebook I see a lot of good art I would not otherwise see, some times from artists that speak another language (we all speak the language of art.)

    I also use FB to keep up with the goings on of the younger family members.

    Congratulations on your 200th blog post!

  5. Congratulations... 200 blogs marks a lot of time spent at the computer. I agree that blogging is VERY time consuming, but it IS a more personal communication with the internet community. Facebook can be handy for 'chatting' but I don't care for it much.
    'Culture 2 Culture' is a comprehensive and cohesive show that everyone in the vicinity should see. Wonderful connections between China and OZ.

  6. It's blogging for me; and I don't find it particularly time consuming. The time consuming part is behind the scenes I guess in scanning or photographing my art then cropping it, etc to get it ready to blog. Writing the actual post and inserting photos just takes a few minutes. Part of that might be due to the fact that I don't often delve too deeply into philosophical topics - I just enjoy sharing what I do and what I find out there to share. Love the books and would love to own the red one - I'm wondering which wall it should hang on! :)

  7. Glad to hear that the opening went well and congratulations on your 201st post!!

    I honestly feel slightly intimidated by Facebook and enjoy the more (to me anyway) friendly and personal side to blogging.

    I love both the little books but the red one really calls to me.

    I look forward to hearing more about your adventures in life.

  8. Facebook still is a mystery to me. I prefer blogging though I don't post often enough. I love to click a blog, read, be inspired then click on what that blogger is interested in.

    I look forward to your posts. I just love your art! I'm getting more into paper and less in fabric though I will probably never give up on the cloth.

    Favorite of your two gorgeous pieces????? Humm.... hard to decide. Maybe the left one - kimono style.

    Keep up your great art!

  9. Hi Eric, Leslie and Jo, thanks for your feedback - I agree with the personal approach with blogging. I feel like I have made new friends this way.
    Thanks Terri, Julie and Diane - yes, I think FB is more for the younger ones, and I have decided to mainly use it to keep in touch with family and to share pics.

    The universe is sending me conformation big time as well - I have fiddled with my FB account and have messed it all up - I think I have 2 accounts now and I can't access the old one. Oh dear!!!!
    At least I have some sort of control over my blogger a/c.

  10. Oh, I totally agree with Ronnie. I don't think the two are in competition, I think of them as helping each other. FB posts help feed the blog traffic. The more blog traffic, and the better the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - the higher the ranking on Google searches.

    I have a Friend page on FB and a business page (Louisville Calligraphy and Art). I have more blogs than a person should, but the ones I use most are and These two are for public consumption; the other two are more for family and friends, though anyone is welcome.
    I love the personal and immediade connections on FB, and like Ronnie, I do not friend everyone on my personal page. I do worry about the FB reach, however, and am considering disconnecting from Words with Friends on FB because of that. That Big Brother is watching seems very real.