Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Exhibition open and 2 give aways!!

The opening of our 'Culture 2 Culture' exhibition last Friday night was a HUGE success.
It was raining after weeks of dry weather but that didn't stop the crowds.
Such a brilliant network of people from the Sunshine Coast art communities.
We had a good sprinkling of sales and lots of people are coming back for a second look.
Robyn Gill [ceramics], Christine Elcoate [garments], and me, in front of Li Jun's paintings - at the opening.
Front room 'Rosebed St Gallery', showing some of the collaborative tiles and Pam Walpole's painting in the background.
Room 2 with my paintings and work by Kevin Grealy, Mieke van Sambeeck and Merv Jefferson.
Ken Munsie's sculpture, Pam's painting and Rooms 2 and 3 off to the left. 
Kids' works on the wall, Mieke's quirky pots in the display case.
Wyn Vogel's paintings and Kim Schoenberger's delicate ceramic sculptures.
Wyn Vogel's paintings and Kim Schoenberger's  delicate ceramic sculptures.

If you have a google account, you can go to this link to see more of the exhibition.!/media/set/?set=a.468268143188631.126669.100000163496292&type=1

If you have been following this blog, you will know that this is my 200th post - hooray!!!!!
I must admit that I have slowed down a bit of late - I have a feeling that facebook [I have a love/hate relationship with FB] is going to be more advantageous when it comes to promotion.
I found that by 'advertising' the exhibition on both my blog and FB, I had heaps more feedback from FB, and lots more cross connections.
I still love the blogging network where I can post all sorts of random 'Arty' stuff. Can't imagine my FB 'friends' liking my photos of rust and teadyed fabrics - hahahahah.

Anyway, to celebrate the opening of the exhibition, AND my 200th post, I have TWO giveaways - yes, you guessed it, a couple of my little books.
Please leave a comment relating to your feelings about blogging versus FB. Would love to know how my like minded friends feel about this issue....and of course, do you like the black and white book, or the red book?
I will draw the winner next Wednesday evening - 6pm - gives you a week to check and post.
Good luck!!!
...and thanks one and all for your support and wonderful comments over the past 200 posts XXXX


  1. Hi Noela, great looking exhibition! Glad there was a good turnout.
    I prefer blogging over FB ..... probably because I feel a warmer connection and I think it's easier to share art info through blogging.
    Congrats on your 200th post! Ooohhh both books are beautiful .... but the black and white appeals to me a little more. Thank you!

  2. Hi Noela...Looks like a great show. I too prefer blogging over FB. I tried it, but FB is just too invasive, too many emails of status updates, etc. I like using Google Reader as I can get all my friends' blog updates and read them at my leisure. They don't get buried under other comments. I love both of your books. The red one kind of speaks to me, perhaps because it looks like it has cloth included...Thanks again for such a great blog. I always look forward to coming here!

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  4. I love the chance to win one of your delightful books!

    I suppose the purpose behind your publishing is what matters - for business promotion, FB may be better; however, I love blogging. I'm lucky to check my FB once a week, but check my google reader hourly for new updates from my fave sites. I love the more personal connections I seem to have thru blogging.

    Another factor is the number of friends or followers you have - you'll gain more feedback from whichever has the larger audience and both take a little bit of work to grow.... (cross my fingers I win a book and if I win, I'd like the red one though either would be lovely!) :)

  5. A huge congratulations on 200 posts!! I might catch up if you transfer your affections to FB. For me, blogland is a way to connect rather than promote. I guess I find it a more personal platform than FB but, hey, whatever floats your boat. I love all your little books but the B & W one has more appeal to me because of it's more complicated structure. Lotsa luck with sales at Rosebed.

  6. I love the personal cnnecton you get with bloging, but know we sell lots of ponies through facebook, but my daughter does that, I keep a low profile on fb.
    Love both your books.

  7. I loved blogging, but now I spend more time on Facebook, and have more success through FB. For me, the immediacy of the feedback is great, and it is much easier to build a huge fan base.

    The red book is my favorite --- I absolutely LOVE it!!!

  8. Hi Noela, firstly congrats with all your efforts with the exhibition its a credit to you.

    I really dig how both fb & blogging have created connections which I otherwise wouldn't have made - I'd still probably be locked away isolated in my studio!

    Your books are delicious I'd be happy with either colour :-)

  9. Hi Robyn and Jill - I feel a closer connection with my blogger friends as well. Thanks for the feedback.
    Thanks Terri and Jo - I am thinking as you do - FB maybe to promote stuff, and blogging for sharing ideas.
    Penny and Karen, interesting to hear you use FB for the business connections - I am getting my head around it all at last.
    Kim, it appears you do both with equal gusto - I admire your energy XX
    Thanks one and all.
    I have reposted the giveaway as I figure that 8 comments in not a true representation of my followers. Feel free to post again for 2 chances to win :)

  10. Hi Noela - 200 Posts is very impressive - congrats!!

    I took myself off line for a week to work on computers (hats off to those who do it for a living I have to say) - but have only just seen you blog and want to say your blogs are always fascinating - and thanks for posting all the picts from the exhibition - it was awesome to see so many people!!

    I took the full video over this morning for you all.

    Blogging and FB I think they have different purposes - Blogging you can tell a story - Facebook is sort of like a comments page and a quick reminder to folks - FB tends to push people to my Blog for more detail (I use them both!!)

    Cheers - I love your little books and thought you were going to have them on sale at the exhibition?? Must have missed them - they are both gorgeous but if you pull me out of the draw red is my favorite!!

  11. I love your work and your blog.

    For me, blogs feel more professional - more information, clear focus, no chatter dithering the atmosphere.

    Facebook feels pretend-intimate, party chitchat to a blog's personal letter.

    But I'm an old dog learning new tricks. Can't parse Twitter at all, and yet clearly all these tools work for somebody.