Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Catherine O'Leary - Nuno felting Workshop

Woo hoo - I am off to Brissie tomorow to do a 2 day Felting workshop with the wonderful Catherine O'Leary.
I am happy to be playing with fabrics again - silks and luscious dyed bits, felts and found bits.
Catherine starts with 'needle felted' wool by the metre - my choice, 2 - 3 metres of grey - I want to make a wrap/vest.
In preparation, I dyed some rotton sari silk and old bandage cotton muslin [rust and green tea, and commercial 'mastic' colour],

...the green tea and rust furthered the rotting of the sari silk- hmmmmm...
...and after washing and ironing, I am left with the most delightful little blobs of silver embroidered sari snippets,
...then I stitched some snippets onto a piece of silk,
...just LOVE it - hope I can use these bits.
This is about half of the stash or silks, felt bits and sheer bits that I am taking. Do you think I'll have enough???
Wish me luck - I am a felting newbie.


  1. j'étais sure du choix.. le gris!
    superbe travail !

  2. Lucky you, she makes the most wonderful stuff, love the disintergrated sari bits.

  3. What fun and excitement.. a newbie at a something creative and wonderful.. can't wait to see your felted wrap.

  4. love the colours, these bits and pieces will give you a something very special, can't wait to see the result, happy felting!