Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Give Away Winners - Hooray

Congrats to Eric at Cerulean for winning the first give away - the black and white book, and to Terrie at Purkey Pages for winning the red book.
As soon as I get your home addresses, the little books will be on their way.
I like Don's idea of the computerised random generator, but I am really OVER technology at the moment. I have no home phone, my FB went missing [yes, I was given a shove in the right direction by the universe with this one], and the wind, rain, cold and the lunar eclipse and Venus crossing the sun is disrupting signals and my life in general.

Thanks for all the comments regarding blogging versus FB - I am taking your advice and staying with blogging for creative, personal, mature and fulfilling communication, and will post the odd family stuff to FB.

Sorry to all those disappointed folk out there who didn't win a book, - hope to have another give away soon XX


  1. Hi Noela, thank you so much! That's really a nice surprise.

  2. OMG, I'm beyond excited! I can't wait to get my treasure! Thanks so much for generously sharing your beautiful work.

    You know, I originally found you through Jo Murray's site as she often mentions your work. Now I have an even stronger connection! Thanks again.

  3. Congratulations winners! (two of my favourite bloggers) So pleased you get to enjoys some of Noela's beautiful work.

  4. Hang in there Noela I was just saying to Ardleigh yesterday that I am not sure that Venus has brought a lot of joy!!! But I am sure there must be some coming in her wake - maybe!! Talk soon - it will come together I am sure!!

  5. Congrats to Eric and Terrie, I am about to take a brisk walk to the PO now to send off the little treasures - deserving recipients.
    Thanks Jo and Wyn, both local supporters - I still have no phone but am assured that it will be on by 7pm tomorrow night - grrrrrrrrr, and FB is back to normal so I now know that my lovely niece has a new toothbrush [hahahahah - true!!!!!!]

  6. My red book arrived today and it's stunning! I walked all over the house with it in my hand looking for just the right place. Still undecided. I love everything about it - it so suits my aesthetic! Thank you so much for your generosity and I'm SO glad I was a lucky winner.

  7. Congrats to Eric and Terrie! I agree with you about the random number generator; it's so much more fun to let my dog pick the winners, and she always does a wonderful job!