Friday, May 11, 2012

Off to the Framers

Yes, at last some new paintings with collage - ready to be framed for our 'Culture 2 Culture' exhibition. I want to have 10 of these for the show. The image size is about A4. They are based on the magical karst mountains of Guilin and the Li river.

And yes, I resolved the drawing of the lily.

I am nearly up to my 200th post, so look out for a give away soon :)


  1. These look beautiful Noela. Pity they need to be framed as they look gorgeous just floating .... I love the lyrical element of the lines.

  2. c'est magnifique! avec des touches d'or ..pour ce 200 billet ..une réussite, comme pour les 199 avant..

  3. N-must be a great feeling to have a new body of work on the boil. Love the simplicity and sweeping strokes of the first piece of the mountains and river. Hope the rest of the pieces come together hand are framed n time for exhibition. B

  4. What a breath of fresh air these are! With each one I thought, "That's my favorite" and then can the lily...simply exquisite. All of them are really. Congratulations on the new work.

  5. Just beautiful, can't wait to see them at the exibition.

  6. Good to see you are on a roll again N - happy framing!

  7. Susan - Thank you - love your reference to lyrical - it's exactly what i wanted but i didn't have that word,
    Thanks Elfi - a lovely compliment,
    Baz and Fi - yes, feels good to 'be on a roll', 'tho some of it is uphill - hahahah,
    Jennifer, thanks for the vote of confidence - always great to get your feedback,
    Mieke - yes, can't wait myself to see them all together instead of just in my head!!
    ...and an email from Julie
    'Wow! Wow! Wow!
    Once again Noela you have amazed me with your talent.
    Could you please pass on the secret to your endless energy???
    Julie x'
    I told her I didn't do housework, gardening or cooking and lived every time.
    Love to you all.... xoxoxoxo

  8. See you at the opening Noela. I look forward to seeing these gems in the flesh.

  9. What a lovely collection, I especially love the first one. Would love to have it in my house!

  10. These are gorgeous Noela and reflect your deep immersion in the culture - you have really captured the essence of the moment!! Wonderful - here's to seeing them live!!

  11. such wonderful collages! I see the influence your trip to China had.. the asian and sumi feel to them is great.

  12. I am just finding your blog.....I am so drawn to your pieces. They are peacefully complex and well executed. I will take time to browse through your older posts.