Tuesday, May 15, 2012

More Guilin Paintings

It has taken me a while to get into these paintings, but I have really enjoyed the process.
It is SO good to be back in the studio!!!!!!!
- and the positive feedback from my blogger community has really helped - THANK YOU EVERYONE.
... so here are the other 6 paintings ready to be framed, still inspired by the magnificent mountains of the Guilin region in China...
Tomorrow I collect see some of the finished, framed pieces ....woohoo can't wait!!.....
Next Saturday is delivery day to the gallery - I know it will be a great show and I am feeling very proud of all the effort Christine and I have put into this project.


Hope to see you there.

[this is post no 198 - only 2 more to go]


  1. le voyage était très inspirant!!!!!

  2. Love them. They're beautiful!

  3. Noela - you and Christine should be proud and over the moon!! These new pieces are wonderful!! Can't wait to see it all together - wow!! cheers!!

  4. N-pretty amazing body of work - glad you got into it. You and Christine have put in the hard yards on this exhibition - so I'm sure it will a success. Go well. B

  5. i love these paintings Noela. Evocative, fresh, simple. Beautiful.

  6. brilliant, beautiful paintings!!

  7. All of your Guilin pieces are gorgeous; must look stunning when framed and hanging together!