Thursday, March 29, 2012

Noela's ants

Yes, I've made it into the studio!
Can't believe how daunted I was feeling before I put brush to paper - ridiculous!!!!!!!
Anyhow - here is my attempt at a Li Jun style drawing/painting - inspired by Elfi's ants on her blog yesterday.
Thanks Elfi for giving me motivation - all the way from Switzerland!!
The background paper is one of many I have created over the past few months - I will explain in a later blog.
Elfi's ant...
...experiments and 'getting it right'....
I had the stamp made in China - it says 'Noela Mills' in the old seal style of writing, and I had them add my NM flowing initials [top R corner]. The rest of the Chinese writing says 'Year of the dragon' and 'ants' thanks to Babel Fish - could be grossly inaccurate but should create a laugh anyway.


  1. I love this - who knew an ant would be so fine to study. Actually, I knew when I was little - I can remember watching them for hours, when the sidewalk was all mine. Must have been 4, since the big kids were away at school.

    Thank you, too, for the link to Elfi's work. Marvelous. And to think they poo-pooed the illustrative eye at art school.

  2. Lovely ants, they looked like fun to do.

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  4. You have created a whole world of tension and interaction in this ant thing!!

    You are a true student of Li Jun as you have paid as much attention as he does to the intricacies of the world you are capturing!!

    Love your chop - go girl, we have all put pressure on you to get your brushes on the go and you have succeeded! Wow!

  5. Oh, I love them! They look so alive with quirky personality, and your brush strokes are wonderful!

  6. You are off in a new direction Noela. Love these quirky ants.

  7. Wow Noela that is absolutely beautiful, love it to bits, ants have never looked so magnificent. Love Sandra. xx

  8. i agree with that ... Ants never looked so good.

  9. aujourd'hui je découvre ce post...superbe travail sur la fourmi! j'étais une semaine à paris ..fêter le printemps! biz elfi