Monday, March 26, 2012

Li Jun Classes - FROGS

Wow - what an amazing few days it has been.

Sorry about the month of no blogging - I have been very busy sorting and organising and booking people for this incredible experience.

Li Jun had taught us how to use our brushes! Such an obvious and basic skill, but one which we in the West seem to be lacking. The subtle pressures and weights, twists, loading of ink/water/paint, wiping of material to create a fine point, scratchy backwards pushing to create texture, etc, etc.

These skills and many more were taught over the 3 days of workshops [30+ students], and half day demonstration, through exercises painting frogs, fish, prawns, bamboo, birds and even mushrooms.

Many more 'how to's' to follow over the next week or so of blogging. the 'how to's' for the students...

...and some more the next day...
...and to top it all off, Li Jun is a very lovely and generous man.

He has made many new friends, and we are grateful to have connected with him on such a creative level. No matter that we couldn't speak each other's languages..... we speak the same language of ART.


  1. The workshop must have been wonderful! Love the tutorial for how to paint a frog. A master with the brush makes it seem so easy with those delicate strokes. Looking forward to more posts.

  2. was so tempted to come - now am sorry I didn't! Looks like you would have learnt some excellent brush techniques. Will be interesting to know if you find yourself adopting new technique ..... Keep us posted please.

  3. magnifique coup de pinceau..
    et dire qu'en France on les mange.:))..

  4. It is amazing how a few expressive brush strokes can create such visual magic.

  5. He is obviously very skilled, as are you with the camera. It looked like you were all producing amazing stuff. Sorry the state of my 'art account' prohibited me from attending. Hope it improves over the next few exhibitions.

  6. Noela - this weekend has been one of the inspiring moments of my art existence!!

    You have captured the essence of Li Jun so well in these photos and expressed the whole experience pretty well in your commentary - so all I can say is 'bring it on'- and thanks!!

    Thanks for organising it and here's hoping you can now pick up your brushes and express some of your enjoyment like the rest of us did - so well done!!