Tuesday, April 3, 2012

COMA exhibition - "MAKING MUSIC"

Our local Arts body data base, Collaboration of Maleny Arts, organised by Ken Munsie, holds regular exhibitions in local 'hot spots' - this time in Maple 3 cafe, Maleny. There are 32 artists participating in this show titled 'Making Music'.

This is my entry, titled "Ozboppin'".

My Artist's Statement:

“Ozboppin’” is an extraordinary piece of free jazz by New Zealand born Mike Nock and his quintet of 4 other talented musicians. The music resonates with layers of line and texture, spinning off into unknown territories. Each instrument has its own dynamic energy, expressing individual character and depth of sound, but they all come together somehow to provide an exhilarating multidimensional abstract experience.
300 x 300mm
mixed media on paper on canvas
...and these are some of my working 'sketches' and my playing with brushes to get them bopping along to the music...
Some of the works on display in the cafe,
some of the artists - Lynne, Marianne, Rosemary, Helen, Ken,
and Sally, her painting and her cockatiel 'Bird'.


  1. Forgive my pun, but this piece really does sing! I can see the movement of the intertwined melodies as they hop and bop along- just beautiful!

  2. Love this piece of work - I agree with Sharmon!! looks like a really creative moment!!

  3. as is often the case, the working drawings are as lovely as your finished piece.

  4. It must be a lively piece of music N - lots of energy in there!

  5. This piece really pops with colour and movement, Noela. I think I can even imagine what Mike Nocks music sounds like.

  6. Well that was a really cool way of interpreting music...like Kandinsky...thanks for sharing this wonderful painting!

  7. Popping and cracking and strong currents of colors..