Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Li Jun - BIRDS

Traditional Chinese painting is done to a formula - the Masters practice this formula, specialising in their favourite subject matters until they can paint this subject blindfolded [my words!!]. We challenged Li Jun by giving him a photo of an Australia bird - a scarlet wren- to 'copy'. It was an unfamiliar bird to him, so he 'drew' the bird on the paper with his finger, for maybe 30 seconds, before picking up his brush.
I 'nagged' him to stop after the red was added but the students voted to add some feet.

Here is the result - pretty darned gorgeous!!
...and here are some details of birds from his paintings on display...
...and now for the 'step by step' lesson for the students...

...and the final demo painting right way up....

Now to apply these techniques to our own subject matter - can't wait to get out my brushes!!


  1. j'adore.. 3 coup de pinceau et l'oiseau vole!

  2. Elfi says 'Three brush strokes and the bird flies' - too true, thanks Elfi xoxoxo