Monday, November 28, 2011

The 12 days of Christmas

After a bit of fun with the last blog, I'll try to get a little bit serious with this one.

Our esteemed COMA [Collaboration of Maleny Arts] leader, Ken Munsie, [E.L. for short], curated the latest exhibition, 'The 12 Days of Christmas', which is now hanging in one of our fabulous local cafes - 'Maple 3'.
This is my painting, titled 'One Bossy Gander'. Fiona reckons it will do people's heads in 'cos I have 7 geese - well, I actually have only 6 geese and one gander - it's called 'artistic license'.
Our E.L. always wants words to go with our art works, so here are mine:

One bossy gander
with 6 geese a laying,
happy puddling in Sanbao stream,
keeping watch over comings and goings,
greet me each morning
as I walk to the studio.

These are very recent memories from the rural tranquility of the Sanbao Ceramic institute, Jingdezhen, China. The geese and I had many conversations as we met along the creek banks and the pathways leading from the sleeping quarters to the restaurant and the working ceramic studios. They became my friends.

...these are the models for my painting...
Barry, Fiona and I helped hang the show this afternoon.
Barry hanging my painting with his '5 golden rings' to the right...
...Fiona checking the levels ['I phone' app.] on Helga Nehrkorn's partridge painting...
...E.L. [Ken Munsie] hanging 3 French hens...
...and me supervising the paper work!!

I did kind of form a bond with these geese - I loved the way they kept appearing at random water spots around the property - the pool where the clothes washing was done, the running stream where the lunch dishes were rinsed [must have been the attraction of the left over rice], the pond near the kaolin stamping, water driven apparatus, and along the track to the studios. I can still hear them squarking 'good night' and 'good morning - get out of bed...'  to me.

I did a couple of ink drawings whilst at Sanbao and then had them mounted onto a 'silk' scroll.
...check out the sox - a free gift after one of our many heavenly foot massages.


  1. Your fabulous China adventure has certainly borne fruit, creatively speaking. Lovely drawings. Thanks for all the effort hanging COMA... looks good.

  2. Love geese, love your paintings of them.Especially the very
    chinese scroll.

  3. N- AhHa!! so there are 7 geese!!! Great piece of work - lovely to see the China trip influence. Pity about the photos of the gang of four hanging the works - I think hand shots always work best!! Go well. B

  4. Whilst I am never a fan of those candid - me- at- work shots; I do love your ink sketches of those geese. totally elegant simplicity - fabulous lines hinting at things and the shapes and forms emerging so subtly. WoW!

  5. Your generosity with sharing info, and the range of beautiful work you produce, make me award you the "Liebster" blog award Noela. Details on my latest blog.

  6. Fabulous ink paintings! I love that medium. Can't wait to hear more about your trip to China. And glad I discovered your blog.