Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Patchwork of Life in China

I have been a bit overwhelmed and have had trouble getting back into art or posting on my blog since returning from China. I guess all the Christmas festivities, parties, dinner plans etc have been distractions as well. However, I have been making 'Bazola' jewellery after some gentle nudging from Baz. See his blog for the latest results.

I have just read Donnna Watson's ['Layers'] post on the Japanese 'Boro' patchwork - thanks Donna. This type of 'patchwork' really makes my heart sing and I feel inspired to post some vaguely patchwork related images from my recent China trip.
...jade burial ornament, circa 600BC
...antique silk garment sleeves,
...patchworked canvas truck tarp,
...potter's apron,
...dripping canvas protecting a water outlet,
...old sandals,
...Jackson Li wearing a traditional potter's vest,
... mops made from old T shirts and track pants. weaving,
...demonstration of synthetic fabric burning.
Walls will be my next post, so feel free to skip that one - ie- my friends who give me a hard time about walls - you know who you are!!!


  1. Noela - looking forward to your walls after this one on patches!!! Fantastic eye you have applied to this!! Wow!

  2. N-the jade burial ornamental gown or shroud is spectacular. Hmmm! walls. Go well. B

  3. That's OK, looking forward to the walls.

  4. Fascinating how you can find the spectacular in the mundane.