Sunday, November 27, 2011

a SERIOUS brush

...yes, this was a SERIOUS brush but I didn't buy it as it was the start of our trip - how to carry it around for 3 weeks?
I think it was about $300 [before bargaining] - probably a good buy.
...and this was a SERIOUSLY delicious nut gelato/smoothie/icecream thingy that satisfied the sweet cravings but was probably full of all sorts of artificial unmentionables.


  1. now that's going to make some serious brush strokes, Noela. AND, that's certainly a serious looking ice cream! I'd say it was yummy by the smile on your face :-)

  2. Now seriously Noela?... Are you planning a GIANT painting, and a new diet?

  3. N-just too many opportunities to make inappropriate comments - so I won't. Glad the experience lingers. B

  4. un pinceau xxxl... entre le pinceau et la choisis le pinceau..
    pourquoi? :)

  5. WoW! that is ONE serious brush.. for a billboard I think.. but gorgeous.
    and that treat is also a very serious and important indulge..