Friday, November 18, 2011

Brush making in Jingdezhen

Jingdezhen is the 'porcelain capital of the world' - beautiful, fine, strong, translucent porcelain is found in the area. It has a major student ceramic training institute and hundreds of specialist ceramic related 'factories'. 10km out of town is an International exchange complex/venue with studios, kilns, accommodation, restaurant, shop, and all the support and advice any ceramic artist could want - this place is 'Sanbao', about 10km from the city, run by Jackson Li and his sister, Wenying Li with the daily nitty gritty presently sorted out by the fabulous Sebastiano Pimenta from Brazil.
We had a week at Sanbao and met some wonderful people and really experienced life in the creative city of Jindezhen.
Jackson is well known 'in the west' for his ceramic works and also for making his own brushes.
Here are some of the brushes available for sale in the Sanbao shop - some made by Jackson...
...these were for sale in the student market...
...Jackson's friend making brushes...
...I bought these lovely brushes for about $40 - yum


  1. oh my! I'm having serious brush envy right now! how beautiful they are

  2. le paradis des pinceaux..excellent!

  3. N- well you did say you were not coming home without brushes. Now to use these beautiful tools to create simple gestures? Go well. B

  4. Wonderful Marks are in the wings - just waiting!!

    Noela these and your pictures are a little surreal for those of us lusting to go!! Well done - will wait with wonder to see the influence this has on your work!!

  5. Lovely implements just crying out for some ink. Will be waiting with breathless anticipation to see your first marks with these. Sounds like you are having quite an adventure.

  6. Happened upon your very creative blog while surfing the net. You have such a wide range of art forms and all equally beautiful. I especially enjoyed the fabric books and textile works.
    best from Tunisia,

  7. Yea, you're home. And with such treasures, can't wait to see where they lead you.

  8. Thanks Ronnie, Elfi and Leslie - they are still virginal - I'm a bit scared to use them!!
    Barry, Wyn and Jo - if I can't get to the simple brush mark making with these, there's no hope for me :)
    Thank you Nadia - great to have you 'on board' - I was in Morocco earlier this year and I'm still to do my Moroccan inspired paintings :)
    Hi Liz, I'm determined not to put away my treasures until I have at least tried them out - much clutter around the house!!

  9. I love these brushes.. stunning.. as is your trip.. looks like you are having a terrific trip.

  10. absolute and total brush envy. how lovely.