Thursday, August 4, 2011


brooch/pin to wear on scarf
It's been a week since the last post - been busy with family, friends, mini renovations and 'other stuff' in general. However, I see that Baz has been posting on Bazola [even tho' he is out of town working!!], so I  have managed a few hours of Bazola in between other things. We have committed to a mini exhibition in the local library showcase next week, so I had better get my skates on.
These are my Bazola work spaces - a bench in the studio for drilling, hammering and messy stuff,
...and the dining room table in front of the TV for evening 'not so messy' stuff. just as well I live alone!!
This is some of the recent stash given to me by Barry-  as requested, some 'corrugated' bits...
Here are some 'before and after' developmental pics to show some of the processes.
I am pleased with the way I did the back - always a tricky one when I am 'fabricating' my own fingings.
On another note, I want to show off my new front door and my new deck rails - renovated by my clever friend from Beechworth, Ross Taylor...
Before and after...
I was always going to get rid of those green diamonds - only took me 15 years!!!
...and I was never overly keen on the 'cottagy look'.
Now to get a painter, a gardener, a house step at a time.


  1. tu es une artiste avec des talents multiples! superbe!

  2. So much fun to see your process. Love the corrugated bits from Barry.

  3. Yes, all that yummy jewelry.

    Your front door is so much better sans green diamonds! Let the light shine. So much more you!

  4. Good Luck for the exhibition next week.... and yes please get your skates on!

  5. I have been following your blog for several years, and always love your work. Your jewellery is amazing, made of metal but always seems so natural.
    I have recently started trying to make jewellery myself, but do have difficulties as I have arthritis in my hands. I was particularly interested in your drill stand as it looks ideal for its purpose.

  6. N- Hmmm!! skates are on? Good works in progress; and love the change from cottage to modern. Be interesting to see what we have for the installation on Monday - no pressure mind you. B

  7. Good luck for the show. Love your house. Our house is the same- every room is a studio- a great feeling!

  8. Lookin' good N - house and jewellery. Roll on Monday morning hey!?!

  9. Love the jewelry you made from corrugated bits and your house is so beautiful with all the light coming in from your new door!

  10. Thanks Elfi, Ulla, Jennifer, Laura - yes I think the corrugations are great fun to work with - you will note that I have distorted them - ha ha - a bit more wabi sabi ,
    Leslie, Don, Barry and Cynthia - yes, I love my 'new look' front door - thought I thought I may feel a bit like a goldfish in a bowl, esp. at night, but not so,
    Robyn, Fiona - I am nearly finished making the jewellery - just the paper work to complete - whew!!!,
    Lynne - my drill press is fabulous - it's a 'Proxon' but I had to buy a Proxon drill to fit [Dremel doesn't fit].