Monday, August 8, 2011

Bazola in the Library

12 pairs or earrings ready to go into boxes,
display system sorted,
A4 promo sheets laminated,
...then this morning, Barry and I set up our 'Bazola' display in the library showcases,
...with my tools at the bottom of this case,
...and Barry's tools in this case.
Some pics of earrings in boxes, reflected in the glass shelving.
While we were doing this, Fiona was hanging a 'mini show' of hers and Barry's work to help promote the Open Studios. Check out her flash new app. on her phone - it's a 'builder's level' - yeah - must get me one of those...
...and then the mandatory coffee afterwards at the 'Green Kitchen' - ahhh - wouldn't be dead for quids!

Just one last thing - I am having terribly frustrating times trying to comment on lots of peoples' blogs - Google keeps asking me to sign in every time I comment, type the verification code, etc, etc. I ask my computer to 'stay signed in' but it won't cooperate. Any ideas?


  1. très joli exposition..les boucles sont belles.. avec les cheveux plus longs..elles dépassent ...

  2. Just a thought...but instead of using your Google account when leaving a message, try scrolling down to "Name/URL". You'll have to type in your name and blog or web site address each time. That's what I use to direct people back to my blog. Good luck!

  3. Thanks Elfi,
    Jennifer - I tried that - no luck

  4. N- brilliant - the display went up well - and good coffee afterwards. B

  5. Hi everyone - I'm ecstatic -I went through all my blog settings on the computer, ticked a few more boxes, and I can now comment on others' blogs - hooray - don't know what I did, but I'm not complaining :) :) :)

  6. Congrats to the "Bazola Team"...your jewelry looks fantastic! And to Fiona too, and wow that is an amazing app!!

  7. Noela, The bazola collaboration pieces that you and Barry have been creating are extraordinary.. iust love it all..truly wearable art!

  8. your collaboration with Barry has resulted in lots of creative beauties

  9. love the detail shots to get a closer look at the pieces - looking fantastic! The display looks great...

  10. there are two displays? they really look good. i love fiona with that tiny level!

    google-if you are asked to sign in every time you want to comment, just hit the back arrow, then go back to the comments. i've never had to resign in once i do that.

  11. Interesting as always! I have finally put some images on my page and it would be great to get some feedback from you. Best wishes, Steven