Thursday, August 18, 2011


10 days since my last post - OMG !!! Apologies for not keeping up with others' blogs - will get back to it soon.
I have been in the studio every spare moment - playing with my 'texture medium', and trying to get someway towards what I feel is a satisfactory result.
I am presently putting oxides in the medium to try to get colour, but I really want a strong colour - not just pastels.
Here is the yummy texture I achieved some weeks ago,
Here is the finished painting - I managed to keep the best of the texture after much layering and scrubbing back,
Here is the next finished painting,
 ...and details of the texture.

 I absolutely love the serendipity that is happening and am at last enjoying the journey.


  1. Hi Noela,
    these are very good works. I really like. the details are great there is so much to find in it.. some look like broken enamel. And the pastel colors blend well.

  2. Missed you. Great textures Noela... looks like eggshell.

  3. Time well spent. These are very beautiful.

  4. Wonderful compositions. The circular forms are particularly compelling, and the colors are delicious, too.

  5. Noela, these are so beautiful!! I love the colors and textures!

  6. The texture in these pieces are wonderful and I love the patina you've achieved.

  7. I too love textures and have also experimented with all sorts of texture mediums... it is so rewarding when we have our breakthroughs and it looks like you did with your wonderful textured paintings.

  8. Ditto to all of the above. Your work is beautiful!

  9. Hi Petrus, Leslie and Jo - thanks for the compliments,
    Sharon, Jennifer, Laura - nice to hear your comments and that you like what I'm doing,
    Jean, Robyn, Judy - yeah, texture sure is fun and a feast for the eyes,
    Donna and Jan, - thanks ladies, yes, I hope I can maintain the excitement with this.

  10. Hey N, better late than never - I think these two are looking wonderful, and look forward to seeing them in the flesh so to speak, when the world stops spinning! F

  11. Lovely, lovely work! What materials are you using here?