Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My heart skips a beat

Before I continue with my Moroccan posts, I want to mention this joyous little bowl that found its way into my 'In box' a few days ago. It is a Japanese Karatsu tea bowl (A karatsu chawan), Momoyama / Edo period, C16th-C17th, H 6.5cm x W 15cm x D 11cm.

It is for sale - at Kazari in Melbourne, Australia, P.O.A.
I don't know why, but my heart skips a beat every time I look at this photo - maybe it's the essence of wabisabi, my connection with Japan, the earthy oatmeal tones, the gentle flowing line of the slumped rim, memories of my studies in Ceramics in the 1970's. I can feel this lovely bowl in my hands - warm and comforting. I'm sure I was a Zen Buddhist monk in a past life - maybe this was my bowl - what a fun idea.


  1. it is beautiful. i seem to be following, on FB, a man who makes gorgeous bowls like this now. i forget his name but if i can remember to i'll look it up. maybe i learned of him through you??

  2. he is shiho kanzahi

  3. I must agree Noela... this is a tea bowl extraordinaire!!! I can feel it nestled in my cupped hands. There is undoubtedly a spiritual effect emanating from this image.

  4. Dear Noela ... yes I also agree with your sentiment ... it is a beautiful bowl ... and it also came across my in-box this week - so we must have the same friend !!!!

  5. N- interesting how some things can resonate with us and remind us of so many connections; maybe you might have to dig deep and see if it can become part of your household. B

  6. Hi Noela....I am so excited to be the winner of the beautiful silk book! I have sent two emails to you with my postal address:
    Cynthia Monica
    13075 SE Marsh Rd
    Sandy, Oregon 97055
    So here it is again, in case for some reason my emails are not getting through.

    BTW....the bowl is quite beautiful, indeed. Thank you again!
    Warmest Wishes, Cynthia

  7. This must have been your bowl in a past life! Love that idea.

  8. Thanks one and all for sharing my enthusiasm for this little bowl. Funny how some things just resonate xoxoxo