Sunday, July 17, 2011

Moroccan Souks [markets], part 1

Time for some more photos of Morocco.
The markets are called 'souks' and are found everywhere - in the old medinas [old walled city areas], sprawling along the commuter roads, in small villages and commanding space at all the tourist attractions. Everything can be found for sale - locally produced leather goods, ceramics, nomadic Berber silver jewellery; all kinds of food - nuts, seeds, spices, an amazing assortment of delectable looking sweets, freshly slaughtered meat, live chickens, tortoises [kept as pets in ponds to keep the mosquitoes under control], and of course the usual great array of Chinese imported junk that is available world wide.
Most things were no cheaper than at home and were much more expensive if you didn't bargain.  
All of the following photos were taken in the famous Djemma el Fna square in Marrakech - a world hertage site of cultural significance. The large open square is fairly quiet during the day, then the food stalls come out at night.
The Cafe Argana [top left],was tragically bombed on 28th May, a day after we were there, killing 16 people.
Paula Corcoran's photo, a couple of weels later, of the tragic site.
The food in this night market was the best I tasted in Morocco.

...yes, I was conned - I had to pay for photos of the snake charmers and of the famous 'tooth pulling'.


  1. N- I always think the world looks that bit better with the night lights - the markets look inviting. B

  2. superbe reportage.. quel faire arracher tous les dents! :))

  3. Lol.... sorry, i can't help laughing at the tooth puller. Glad he didn't get too enthusiastic when you opened your mouth. This is a market i would LOVE to explore. You had quite a close shave.... what with bombs and dentists!

  4. By coincidence, I was just watching a program last night on this same market and all its wonders...especially at night...this is the first I've seen about the tooth pulling though....glad you got out of there with all yours...looks like great fun!

  5. You are far gamer than I am Noela. That 'dentist' is scary. Sounds like you had a close shave with the bombing.

  6. wow oela - sure beats our Sunday marekets in the hall !!!!! ... looks very exciting ...