Monday, January 10, 2011

Fisherman's Pants

I am finding the WET weather rather conducive to sewing - a good thing as I could do with a wardrobe makeover.
I had a pair of cotton 'fisherman's pants' that I didn't wear - totally the wrong shape for my shape - ha ha - and I was thrilled to bits when I realised that I could easily make them over using my trusty basic pants pattern. A couple of hours later, VOILA - a new pair of pants -daggy, comfy, arty, patchy, faded, wabi sabi and VERY practical and very ME. 


  1. N- cool pants - well done- good wet weather activity - the length suits. B

  2. very funky - please wear to dinner! F

  3. Clever girl, they look great, totaly you!

  4. Hello.
    For an exchange, came and si my blog *Les tricots....
    There are 3 dresses on the other blog.

    Un petit cou cou de Lausanne en Suisse.